Lost File Recovery Privacy Policy

Lost File Recovery is a dedicated tool for recovering your lost files on Windows. By installing and using Lost File Recovery, you agree to the following privacy policies:

  1. Personally Identifiable Information
  2. Lost File Recovery does not collect or share your Personally Identifiable Information.

  3. Recovering Files
  4. Not all lost files are able to be recovered. When a file is deleted, Windows just marks it as deleted, and data still persist on the disk until you or system write other data to the deleted area (overriding). Lost File Recovery gives you a chance to recover your lost files back. We do not claim that Lost File Recovery can recover every file you lost.

  5. App Statistics and Bug Reports
  6. Lost File Recovery uses Microsoft AppCenter for app statistics and bug reports. The data we collect includes: generic device name (such as 'Surface Pro'), Windows version (such as 'WINDOWS 10.0.18363'), language (such as 'English') and which lines of code that causes the error. That is anonymous information. We don't collect any of your personal information, even your IP.